Tees Valley Lettings Partnership Terms and Conditions

You are responsible for the information provided and must agree even if someone else has provided the information on your behalf. If this is a joint application, both applicants must agree to it. Please read the following carefully before you click accept. Please see our website (About the Tees Valley Lettings Partnership) to find out which partner organisations make up the Tees Valley Lettings Partnership so that you know who you are disclosing your personal information to.

I understand that the partners of the Tees Valley Lettings Partnership can contact my present and/or former landlords, any of the agencies listed and any other relevant agencies or organisations with regards to me and other members of my household. I authorise them to disclose any information they hold about myself or members of my household for the purposes of dealing with my application for housing. I understand that any information provided will be used in relation to my application for housing. I also understand that the partners of the Tees Valley Lettings Partnership can contact data reference agencies to check information provided with regards to me and any member of my household.

Local authorities have a statutory duty to protect the public funds that they administer. In order to do this, we may need to use information that you provide to assist in the prevention and detection of fraud and we may also need to share the information with other organisations that handle public funds. Below is a list of the organisations with whom your information may be shared. In any event, your information will only be handled in accordance with the principles of Data Protection legislation. For further information, please contact the Information Governance Team or Audit Services section through the contact information for Local Authorities on our website (Privacy Policy).

I give permission for my named advocate or support agency (if relevant) to act on my behalf, including permission for them to apply for properties on my behalf.

I agree that the information I have given may be shared with other landlords participating in the scheme.

I confirm that the details I have given are true and accurate. I understand that if I have knowingly or recklessly given any false information or have withheld information, my application will not be processed, I may be prosecuted and my landlord may, by law, end my tenancy.

I accept that I must inform you immediately of any change in my personal circumstances so that the information held on my application is true and accurate and that if I have knowingly or recklessly withheld information about my current circumstances, an offer of housing may be withdrawn or I may be overlooked for an offer of housing or my housing application may be cancelled and I may be prosecuted.